Identify Yourself

Co-founder, Dania visiting Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Co-founder, Dania visiting Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

You call yourself an Afrolatino

But I caught you boasting about your fine features.

That Dominican brainwash bullshit hasn’t quite  left your cerebrum.

The one side of your brain is grabbling with “Pero yo lo que parezco un Indio Fino.”

The other side equates the trend with wealth, so you spit out “Yo soy Afrolatino.”

My Afrolatinidad isn’t something for you to profit from!

“Esa Prieta, Que espera!”

“Pelo Malo!”

“Ella es muy oscura”






My history, My truth, Isn’t up for negotiation!

Identify yourself?

 Be careful- Your hidden inner Superior thinking is not tolerated in the Afro-Latino community.

Our  journey is long, bumpy, and confusing but well worth the walk. It has Strengthen our Identity with Breakthrough knowledge in history that has equipped us with the Power to combat marginalized behavior. We've elevated our Voices, shed light on our Existence, and we bask in our Melanin. This self-assured Power is so Idolized by many but can never be replicated. If your riding with us then respect and honor us. Don’t try to profit from us.

So, the next time you want to come on our soil.


Identity Yourself!


By, Dania Peguero