Chronicles of a Motivated Mom!


I wrote this blog post while participating in a campaign on tour on behalf of and received payment for my participation. All opinions stated are my own. Post contains affiliate links.


The Motivated Mom Tour is a four city stop conference (Atlanta 8/12, Miami 10/14, Newark, N.J 10/26, and Los Angeles, Ca 11/18) for women of all ages, backgrounds and platforms. The tour premiered this past Saturday in Atlanta, GA. I had the pleasure to attend this motivating high energy, inspirational, and educational conference for women entrepreneurs as an Official Motivated Mom Influencer hosted by @LaToyiaDennis and @ThePositiveMom.

The hustle and bustle of my life is nothing short of drama free. As a single mother I am the sole caretaker and problem solver for my daughter and I. Our days are filled with laughter, cries and a whole lot of loving. Given the fact that I am my daughter’s sole caretaker, it can be overwhelming juggling all my responsibilities. This Saturday morning was no different. It was a task to get my little one ready and comfortable before I headed to the event. As I was driving myself there I was thinking of my “To do” list and rearranging it in my mind. I often find myself not having enough time to complete all of my ambitious ideas.  So I tuck my thoughts away as I finally arrive, rushed but excited!

Co-founder, Dania Peguero at the MotivatedMom Luncheon in Atlanta, Ga.

Co-founder, Dania Peguero at the MotivatedMom Luncheon in Atlanta, Ga.

 When I sit down the first quote I see “Knowledge is Power but Execution pulls the switch” @stratechic.  I knew I was in the right place and from there my mood changed and I was insistently inspired! The room was filled with Great women who are Extraordinary Moms.

Visit for tour dates.

Visit for tour dates.


As I mentioned before, single motherhood is no easy task! But I felt empowered while attending this conference. There were so many impactful messages throughout this day that from the panelist who were serving up all kinds Inspirational Goodness to Motivated Mom partners sharing key messages!

 A Key message shared by Motivated Mom partner Prudential really resonated with me. Have you ever ask yourself this question?

How can you achieve your personal desire for success without sacrificing the needs of your family? Ask for Help! 

As easy as the answer sounds, it is often hard to do. “Career, family, and other day-in, and day-out commitments can consume every minute of your time if you let them. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. So many resources are available to help women remain physically, mentally, and financially fit. The first step is to be willing to accept the help. For more tips on how to ease your load and keep your insanity as you work towards your goal visit http:/ “

Now that we understand that asking for HELP is essential to our overall well-being. Let’s keep the momentum going and discuss Execution!  How to execute?! I mentioned that sometimes my ambitiousness outweighs my time. Note to self, stress no more this luncheon panel dropped some jewels that made me think. Getting organized is key. Here are 10 helpful tips. Keep building on these.

1.       Build a Plan. What do you want to achieve?

2.       You need a realistic Time frame.

3.       Self-Awareness. Know your Strength and Weaknesses.

4.       Don’t take Relationships for granted. You will need people who know you’re potential to advocate for you and there will be those individuals who will serve as Mentor and with that relationship you will master your craft.

5.       You can be Motivated but you need to Activate. Ideas in your mind with no action stay there.

6.       Eliminate the bad energy. Positivity is Contagious, keep that energy close.

7.       Financial Responsibility. Money management doesn’t come easy for all. Learn how.

8.       Focus. Don’t lose sight of your mission.

9.       Authenticity. Never gets played out.

10.   Don’t underestimate the value of Self-Care! It’s easy to consistently do for others and feel fulfillment that you are helping someone else but if you don’t stop and help yourself you won’t be around to help others.


And just like that with those steps you will be able to own your narrative and master your craft. You will be the expert of your story. I want to leave you with a quote from one of the panelist and my friend. “Extraordinary mom is a mom who is an ordinary woman that has challenges but is willing to go through extraordinary things for her children.” @diveristyus


By,  Peguero, LMSW, Ed.S.