Five steps to Re-energize yourself and meet your goals!

Most of us have clear goals, for others it’s an evolving process.  As we grow and learn so do our goals.  They can also expand or shrink depending on the cards life deals us, unforeseen life circumstances can take you on the scenic route to achieving your goals. Everyone measures it differently some by level of education, others by salary, material possessions or even relationship status. Now with the expansion of technology we have other factors that influence our self-assessment of our success such as the feedback you receive on your social media pages or websites.

As we celebrate the two year anniversary of Black Latina Negra Bella, we are proud of our brand and the acknowledgements we have received. We value our work and are proud to call ourselves change agents. We work relentlessly to improve the negative social stigmas associated with embracing our African ancestry. As Afro-Latinas, we take pride in empowering our sisters to stand in solidarity with one another and will continue to expand our brand. As well as continue to build a platform to represent, educate and inspire all Latinas(os).

However, the road to success hasn't been an easy one and has been met with plenty of obstacles. The assumed support from close friends and family hasn't always been met with enthusiasm instead sometimes it is met with its share of skepticism over the intent of the project but we are still here and enthusiastic as we were in the beginning!  Our commitment to bring visibility and narrative to the Afro-Latino experience is priority. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves why we are doing this because as I mentioned the journey isn’t always easy.

Here are some tips to help you stay encouraged, enthusiastic and continue to make a change in this world.

I consider myself a change agent and activist but I too have days when I want to quit but I think of my purpose and practice these five easy steps to keep me grounded and focused.

This is how I keep going on?

1. Stay focused on your mission. Never lose sight of what made you champion your cause, you have a target audience and you want to be able to serve and provide them with visibility that is why your platform is important and must expand. Look, there are always going to be naysayers, the people who don’t want you to make changes because it won’t allow them to continue to be part of the problem, that isn’t your target audience, stay focus and champion your cause

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Once you have discovered your purpose you must be disciplined and vigilant. There will be set backs, you might be derailed but remember when something is for you, can’t nothing be against you. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31 Dwell in your faith if you need that extra boost. Remember, there is room in this world for all efforts to empower a group of people to exist.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of attraction. Start living your Success! Dress like you would if you had your dream job. Your thoughts will dictate your words thus become your actions and determine your future. A true story, I envisioned myself in my house before I purchased it, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it but I knew what I wanted and I got it. Don’t underestimate the POWER OF ATTRACTION!

 4. Choose your words wisely! Ditch that      negative attitude and start believing in positive outcomes. Soon they will become your reality. If you need to change your circle do it. You need positivity all around you, energy is contagious. You’re looking for positive outcomes that will come with the right energy. Evaluate your inner circle and outer perimeter make changes if you have too.

5. Vision Boards! Don’t look at it as a tedious project. Visualizing your future will keep you on task. I’m a visual person it is helpful to see my goals written down accompanied with artifacts to give it context. It will materialize into your REALITY!

In summary, learn to love the process of self-improvement rather than the desired end. Success doesn’t always look like we envisioned it. Your existence and determination to make a difference is Success! Keep making your mark in this world, we all have something to contribute.

By, Dania Peguero, LMSW, Ed.S.

Co-founder, Dania Peguero, LMSW, Ed.S.      

Co-founder, Dania Peguero, LMSW, Ed.S.