Five Self- Empowerment steps for Afro-Latinas!

We’ve discussed our complicated experiences as Afro-Latinas such as defending our Latino heritage, providing brief improv history lessons on the diversity of Latinos as well as the struggle to meet the societal image for all Latinas but we haven’t discussed how to navigate through these challenges without feeling defeated. Here are five simple steps you can start to practice to conquer some of the challenges and get yourself on the road to Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance!


Five ways to Empower yourself!

1.     Stand firm in who you are! Yes, not allowing anyone else’s lack of knowledge to deflate your self-esteem or question your self-identity. Rather, look at it as an opportunity to engage in an enriching dialogue about multiculturalism or diversity within the Latino community.

2.     Know your history. The best way to represent your true self and feel confident is by knowing your history. You might be surprised by what you learn. Talking to the elders in your family is a good start. Depending on the family stories they share with you about your surname or place of origin it can lead you down an exploratory journey to discover new facts about your own history.

3.     Embrace your God given Natural hair. Absolutely! Do research about alternative hair care regimens that don’t include altering texture chemicals. Rather embrace your hair! Contrary to the belief that straight fine hair is the only standard of beauty that is false. All hair textures including curly, kinky, naturally wavy, coliy or multi-textured is beautiful. Wear it well and with pride!

Co-Founder, Vilma Peguero

4.     Reject the one dimensional standard of beauty. No surprise here! Yes, we can’t all subscribe to the one dimensional standard of beauty. Instead beyoutiful! We all have our unique look and should embrace it, diversity is a beautiful thing.

5.     Build Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth and Self-Love- Take a personal internal inventory. Write your most liked qualities and say daily affirmations to yourself. You are your most important critic, your thoughts will transmit into behavior.  It’s important to develop of sense of Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance!

Co-Founder, Dania Peguero