“Being a Black Latina I have always had to prove my blackness or my Latina heritage, while denying the other exists.  I have had to deal with the racism within the U.S. and the internalized racism by African-Americans, Hispanics and even Black Latinos. The fact of choosing one would be denying pieces of my beautiful multifaceted SELF! My complexity is NOT one dimensional….I am a Black Latina-Negra Bella!”

-Sandy DeAza
  Chef and Owner of "The PROV Experience"

“My niece who is an  AfroCuban American (Black Latina) and  I were looking for sites that represented Black Latinas”

-Kitty Richardson

Gracias!!! Brown and dark Latinas do exist! 


“A movement that shows love to us “BLACK LATINAS” 

-DJ MOFlava 

“I have a very complex family makeup. I love your page! It makes people like me proud to be who we are, no matter how complicated it is to explain…and guess what we shouldn’t have to explain! We come in all shades and we are human! I’m proud to be a melting pot! When people ask me who are you? I reply, I am humanity!”



"We salute the strength, perseverance and pride that you and all Black Latinas have! Its amazing to realize that such rigid lines of difference are still perpetuated, especially among people of color who are ourselves discriminated against as a whole by a larger non-ethnic world. Your movement in a simple but powerful way addresses and seeks to tear down these self imposed and myopic traits in our communities and move us all towards becoming a stronger, more cohesive and self empowered people. we applaud and we support your efforts!" @LOCAFELLA